The Benefit of Integration

  3 Important Reasons Why You Should Consider Integrating Your eCommerce Website to Your POS   In today’s modern world of retail, e-Commerce and Point of Sale integration is something all retailers need to consider if they want to take their business to the next level.   Not only does integration streamline the shopping experience […]

Why Retailers Need an E-Commerce Website

  In a time where even dogs have their own social media pages and websites, businesses (including small brick-and-mortars) are expected to be represented online. Retailers need to stay competitive. And while you may not want an E-Commerce website, your customers have grown accustomed to them. Not only does supplementing a retail store with an […]

5 Ways To Boost Your Q4 Sales With Social Media

There’s no doubt about it: one of the best ways to close more sales in the fourth quarter is to target your high potential customers. The easiest way to focus your marketing efforts? Social Media. According to the Global Web Index, one out of every three minutes is spent on social media – that’s a […]

Retailer’s Holiday Checklist

  The Ultimate Retailer’s Holiday Checklist It may still be warm in some parts of the country but Holiday season is coming up – fast! With this being our first official week of Fall, it’s getting close to the time that customers start planning their holiday shopping. According to the National Retail Federation, many shoppers start […]

The Perks of Conversational Marketing

  You might be wondering, what is conversational marketing? Well, lucky for you we’re here to answer your question. We’ll even give you a few tips on how it can help you and your business grow.   Conversational marketing eliminates all the wait time that is usually left between a potential client and a company. […]

Loyalty and Trust Created Through Shipping

Running an online store isn’t just about selling your items or products. It’s also about shipping/delivering your items to your customers.  Having poor shipping practices will cause customers to turn their back on your business. No matter if you have the greatest products in the world. Having quality shipping methods is a stellar opportunity to build […]

Earning Customers’ Trust When You Have No Sales

  Gaining customers trust is always a challenge. Trying to prove to potential customers that your product is better than the competitors’ similar competing product is not a task for the fainthearted. It’s even harder proving your store’s worth when you’re a start-up company or you are launching an online store for the first time. […]

Have you planned for the 2018 Holiday Season?

  Whoa, it’s the end of July already? 2018 is flying by. This means the holiday season will be upon us soon! Here is a list of some of the biggest shopping days leading up to the Holiday season.   Thanksgiving is November 22nd Black Friday is November 23rd Small Business Saturday is November 24th […]


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