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Meet the Linked Retail Team

Darwin Husa Vendor Connect Manager who we are | Linked Retail B2B Ecommerce Solutions

Darwin Husa
Vendor Connect Manager

Darwin manages our Vendor Connect solution from brand on-boarding to client implementation, development and enhancements. He has years of experience in EDI and various ERP/Inventory systems.

Ryan Horvath Director | Linked Retail B2B Ecommerce Solutions

Ryan Horvath

At Linked Retail we help retail businesses of all sizes succeed online. No matter their goal we listen, review, and research to offer valuable solutions. Our core competencies are ecommerce, point-of-sale, and vendor integrations. Our priority is to be a partner to our client first. Ryan does this by leading, working, and supporting an awesome and skilled team. From sales to marketing, from development to customer support. We foster a culture of continuous learning and building new products.

Katelyn Billberry Project Manager/Graphic Design | Linked Retail B2B Ecommerce Solutions

Katelyn Billberry
Project Manager
Graphic Design

Katelyn, with her background in graphic design, is in charge of the layout design of our websites. She also creates the project plans, which involves setting client expectations and facilitating communications between clients and the Linked Retail team.

Tyler Holland Web Developer | Linked Retail B2B Ecommerce Solutions

Tyler Holland
Web Developer / Support

Tyler is responsible for helping clients make changes to the front-end on their websites. He works as a front end developer to make functional and pleasant user experiences.

Why You’ll Want To Partner With Us

We understand Retail. We’ve worked it, managed it, and our roots are Retail Technology. We started in 2010 with eCommerce Connect. Our goal was to build an integration that would make our clients lives easier by managing their online web stores, all from right within Retail Pro. In 2013, Linked Retail introduced another powerful tool for their clients- Vendor Connect. Now with a direct link to their brands, store replenishment is simplified, and customers always get what they want through drop shipping.

How Can We Help Your Business Today And Tomorrow?

What we really want to be is your Online Technology Partner. In addition to our integration solutions, we provide Design, Development, Support, and SEO services. An end-to-end partnership that will give you back the time to work with existing customers and bring in new ones. We strive to make our clients succeed online.

Let’s Not Forget The Brands And Manufacturers

What also makes us strong is the relationships we build with the brands we partner with. We care about the retailer, and our goal with Vendor Connect was to build an affordable solution that any retailer, of any size, could access to connect to their top-selling brands with ease. With the technology today, there is no excuse for tools like these to not be available. Now there is one.


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