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Gaining customers trust is always a challenge. Trying to prove to potential customers that your product is better than the competitors’ similar competing product is not a task for the fainthearted. It’s even harder proving your store’s worth when you’re a start-up company or you are launching an online store for the first time. When a customer stumbles upon your store for the first time they will look up reviews on you, your products, and your customer service. If they find nothing, it will be hard for the customer to feel comfortable purchasing from your business if there is no “paper trail” showing how your business operates. Here are a few ideas to help earn trust when having no sales ratings to back up your operation. 


Showing the face behind the business is a huge way to earn customers trust. This helps the customer to understand that you are a human too and not a money hungry machine. Also, introducing yourself builds credibility and makes you and your store more approachable. Adding an “About Us” to your page showing how your store was created and showing that you have put in the time, blood, sweat, and tears into building your own brand. This builds a more emotional and personal connection. It’s always smart to include organizations you support, things you’ve achieved, and a biography section for you and your team members. This humanizes you and your employees.


Make sure your website has little to no errors. This includes proper grammar, images that load correctly and are not fuzzy, and is up to date with your latest items. This is huge when trying to boost your credibility and create a sense of trust. Another factor is having a professionally made website. When your site looks professional with relevant and quality graphics, customers will stick around and return in the future. First impressions are important in the real world, so make sure your first impression on the internet is a priority of yours as well.


Make sure your privacy policy, shipping policy, and return policy are all up to date. Installing a security plugin to your website is great for 2 big reasons: adds another layer of security for customers protection and it puts a large badge on your site indicating that it is a secure site. Customers will steer clear of a site that seems sketchy out of pure terror. Maybe they know someone who has had their identity stolen before, or worse, they have gotten their own identity stolen before. Just because you know that you are honest and trustworthy doesn’t mean potential customers do. You have to show customers that their security is your priority. Having a badge of protection and your privacy policy on your page can ease customers minds and make them more open to trusting your online store. You can also add certified seals from Trust Guard or the BBB to increase your credibility.


Show your brand personality through your posts and ensure you are very thorough with your descriptions of products. Connecting with the public on your pages is a great way to develop a sense of trust. Building relationships with your clients/customers. Responding to customers comments on your posts helps them feel like they know you. This also gives the opportunity for you to show off knowledge of your products. For ideas and help on how to create simple yet thorough descriptions of your products, check out 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell.


Create an open line of communication between you and your customers. Having a platform for customers to feel comfortable asking you questions on shipping, sizing, return policies and other information is vital. Adding live chat to your online store is a great way to get an immediate line of communication open. Customers can ask their questions and you can answer them in real time. Read more on live chat in this article How to Save Sales and Solve Customer Problems with Live Chat. Having a “Contact Us” page builds legitimacy for your brand. With all of the scammers in the world today, giving your customers your contact information makes you more trustworthy. You can include links to your other social media as well.


Being a business owner doesn’t mean you always have to be about business. Customers trust you more when you show your true colors and show that you care about more than just sales. So be yourself! The customers will flock to you when they see how genuine you and your business are.






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