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You might be wondering, what is conversational marketing? Well, lucky for you we’re here to answer your question. We’ll even give you a few tips on how it can help you and your business grow.


Conversational marketing eliminates all the wait time that is usually left between a potential client and a company. This is conveyed through live chatting in real time. Conversational marketing isn’t a traditional method (which might be why it’s working so well). 79% of customers prefer this new route because of the immediate responses and urgency of the system.

Here’s some statistics:

-email average response time is 12 HOURS

-social media average response time is 10 HOURS

-real-time chatting average response time is 2-5 MINUTES.


Business people have become solely focused on the numbers rather than the actual customers. We’re obsessing over the quantity of emails/calls we’re making but never obsessing over the quality of them. We’ve turned potential clients into numbers on a spreadsheet rather than respecting them as actual people. This is a huge reason as to why only 43% of cold calls are answered, the average email open rate is 20% and the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%. Using the new system of live chatting will solve this problem and make business personal again. Giving customers the time of day is cool again. We’re kicking out traditional marketing and replacing it with conversational marketing.


Social media networks and live chatting aren’t the only kinds of traditional marketing. There are many different kinds. Here’s a few ideas we found for you to trying implementing…


Live Customer Support – To repeat, conversational marketing requires you to offer high levels of customer support. Companies who offer support 24 hours a day, in-app chats, social media accounts designated for support are leading their industries.


Customer Success – Show your dedication by helping your customers hire “customer success managers”! This shows that you take your customers seriously and they should take you seriously, too.


Email Marketing – To point out, you probably do this already. But, are you sending any emails with purpose or just emails trying to suck money out of customers? Try sending surveys out asking how your customer service is, how their experience is with you or ask what their biggest pains/plans are.


Finally, all things considered, let’s answer the question of “how can this help my business?”


Quick response time can boost customer trust, develop customer loyalty, grow your customer base which all equal more revenue. Try being open to immediate feedback from customers. This helps establish a brand for your company and keeps people coming back for more! Products and great customer service that is. After all, a happy customer means a happy business owner, right?

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