Retail Integration

The biggest challenge for retailers when it comes to a web store is keeping it up-to-date with the latest inventory; quantities, prices, all the data you need. Our Retail integration gives you the ability to manage your POS & Inventory and push it to multiple sales channels. It’s all automated, no manual syncing. Use it with Vendor Connect and your web store becomes a selling powerhouse.

Retail Integration

Make your web store administering an easy process wherein  we take care of all your online business transactions leaving you with accurate information on an hourly basis. We provide services 24×7 to monitor your sales, stock and accounting information to help manage your business from one location. And this data is all stored in web friendly and understandable form.

Our integration solution suits every kind of business smaller  to the bigger ones. We provide project management services and also give training when required. We also do installation and  configuration to keep  up your systems.

Linked Retail – eCommerce Connect – POS Integration:


  • Link your POS/Inventory, Accounting, or Manufacturing software to Linked Retail
  • Manage your online inventory in one location; images, web-friendly data; push to your sales channels
  • Manage your orders insides your POS/Inventory software



  • Project Management (evaluating existing data for preparation for Linked Retail and your web store)
  • Linked Retail training
  • Web Store training; when applicable
  • Installation and configuration

Web Store Design & Development:

Linked Retail’s team can work with you in many ways. With you directly, your marketing person, team, or a third-party design firm. Our standard package typically starts out with the below and builds from here:

  • Web Store design, installation, coding, and configuration
  • Web Store optimized for Linked Retail integration
  • General SEO optimization with Google Analytics
  • Basic services for design includes:
    • Homepage
    • Category Landing Pages
    • Product Showcase Pages
    • Product Detail Pages
    • Register/Sign In Page
    • My Account Page
    • Shopping Cart Page
    • Checkout Page
    • 5 Content Pages
    • Transactional Email Templates

Linked Retail’s Inclusive Support:

  • 24/7 support
    • Emergency support (6PM-9PM CST)
  • Training with access to knowledge base and videos
    • Training for Linked Retail products and supported Ecommerce Platforms
  • Software updates and access to new core feature additions to Linked Retail products
  • Software updates, upgrades, and patches to supported Ecommerce Platforms

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