POS Integrations

Linked Retail is continuously expanding its reach to bridge markets. With consideration to your industry needs, we strive to provide seamless POS integrations to leading global marketplaces.

We can work on any website, at any stage with a Retailer. Design, coding, development, and branding. Whether it’s an informational website, stand-alone ecommerce, or a fully integrated a multi-channel experience, we’ve got the team and tools.


Our POS integration solutions suit every kind of business, from smaller to the bigger ones. We provide project management services and also give training when required. We also do installation and configuration to keep up your systems.

Make your web store administering an easy process wherein we take care of all your online business transactions leaving you with accurate information on an hourly basis. We provide services 24×7 to monitor your sales, stock and accounting information to help manage your business just from one location. And this data is all stored in web friendly and understandable form.

Retail Pro Integration | Linked Retail B2B Ecommerce Solutions



eCommerce Inventory management
Omni-channel integration possibilities
Track of sales to see the quantity of items sold and how much money was earned.
Accurate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports are developed.
Track of products sold, when running low can be reordered to fulfill the customer’s demand.
Financial reports and tax reports can be obtained on a regular basis.

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