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An online presence is essential for any retailer to keep up with the competition. Whether you’re completely new to ecommerce or want to step up your online sales game, Linked Retail can help you expand your sales reach with our eCommerce Integration solutions.

Become a Sales Powerhouse with Our Omni-Channel Solutions

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You want to make your products as accessible to your buyers as possible  – effective communication to customers typically involves data-entry in more than one selling platform. This can leave you eating the cost of extensive inventory maintenance. Our eCommerce Integration solutions not only save you countless hours of extra work, but peace of mind knowing that your products are reaching their selling potential in the markets you choose.

Knowing that every retailer is unique in business needs and understanding how to most efficiently meet them, we created our newest cloud based platform. Highly anticipated, choc-full o’ feature requests and convenient as ever, Linked Retails new version is the culmination of years of eCommerce development experience.

Maintaining multiple eCommerce Integrations doesn’t need to be complicated; we’ve simplified the process to sell on multiple channels so you can easily grow your online presence with a fraction of the hassle.

Linked Retail Version 2.0

Cloud Integration | Linked Retail B2B Ecommerce Solutions

As a cloud based application, you can now access inventory from your point of sale system remotely and send products to multiple markets.


With simple navigation, Linked Retail version 2.0 streamlines the process of connecting your sales channels.


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