Brand Integration

Vendor Connect: An Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Experience

Subscribe to supplier’s Brand catalogs and create new items in your POS/ERP and ecommerce systems in real-time. Receive available to sale quantities that allow you to offer your customers more than ever before while reducing workload and eliminate carrying cost with drop shipping. In-store and online.

What would that be worth to you, your business, and your customers?

Linked Retails Vendor Connect software makes Brand Integration easy. Simply select which items you want, or all of them, and our solution will import those products directly into your POS/Inventory system. No data entry needed. Time saved. With this access, you can send purchase orders to your brands for store replenishment or drop shipping.

Every customer wants to find what they’re looking for every time they visit a store or go to website… and you make sure that happens with Vendor Connects Brand Integration. Keeping consistent supply of popular brands on your site can also help improve SEO. See what Brands we’re connecting with right now, or let us know what Brands we can hook you up with.


Vendor Connect helps retailers and suppliers collaborate to exchange real-time information like catalogs and inventory, while ordering fast, saving time, and increasing sales. Eliminate manual data entry with the electronic connection of POS and eCommerce systems to suppliers. Sell in-store, out-of-stock, and catalog items with an Endless Aisle, then delight customers by drop-shipping right to their front door – just like their favorite online retailers.

We currently support the following:

Retail Pro V9, Retail Pro V8, Microsoft RMS 2.0, Custom Integration Available

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  • Never be out of stock
  • Greatly Reduce manual entry and associated errors
  • Real-time vendor data visibility
  • Error-Free Order Management
  • Accurate Replensishment
  • Effective Demand Planning

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