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Retail Information systems

CK systems:

Provides a platform solution NCR POS system for retailers to have manage your online ecommerce store’s purchases and payments in a smart and secure way that helps you grow your online business.

Also gives an opportunity to keep record of your customers and get in contact with them by sending your store promotions and offers through emails and messages to your targeted customers.

Complete Data Systems:

Gives you Retail pro integrating software with Point Of Sale, inventory, ecommerce and back office applications a complete business managing package.

Retail Information System:

This is the right response for an apparel retailer who is seeking to integrate business inventory and sales transactions error free and manage easily. It gears up the right solution to retailers putting your business in a competitive pace and giving channels to 24/7 support with an appealing website. Different hardware options also available.

Also serves you with the latest Retail Pro Mobile POS application for retailers to connect to the enterprise server  even when out of the store.

POS / Inventory Systems

We do custom integrations, too! Let us know if you want to connect your POS/Inventory system to your brands and ecommerce platforms

Retail Pro


microsoft dynamics


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