A Flexible and Scalable ‘Omni-Channel’ Solution

When Linked Retail started in 2008 we were primarily an integration team. We have grown a lot since then, as many of our clients have. With our background in Retail and expertise in technology, we developed a one-to-one solution that has served our clients well. At the end of 2015, we began to build out plans with what we have learned over the years, taking client feedback and requests, and reviewing what would make the most positive impacts to an online business, to create the next version of our e-commerce software integration.




Linked Retail Cloud is effectively our version 2.0 and throws open the door to integrating virtually any Point-of-Sale/ERP system, e-commerce platform, or web service. Manage all of your online inventory data in one place, accessing it from anywhere.

The main benefits of Linked Retail Cloud are:

  • Increasing revenue opportunities by connecting to multiple sales channels; your main e-commerce website, other e-commerce websites that might be specifically tailored to an industry or customer segment, one or more Amazon and/or eBay Marketplaces, and reducing over/unnecessary purchasing by syncing quantities throughout all your connected systems
  • Reduces the time you spend logging into multiple backends to manage your online product. Also, be able to login to work wherever you can access a web browser
  • Supercharge your data by adding SEO related tags and connecting it to various web services to increase sales, visitor traffic, and customer loyalty




Release Date and Connections 

We’re all excited at Linked Retail. We very much appreciate the help of our clients that worked with us through the beta release of Linked Retail Cloud. In the coming weeks, we will release more information on Linked Retail Cloud’s features and functionality.

Connections available at launch:


  • Retail Pro V8
  • Retail Pro V9

E-commerce Platforms:

  • Magento CE 1.6+
  • Magento EE 1.9+
  • Shopify

Planned Connections:

  • Amazon MarketPlace – March 2017
  • WooCommerce – April 2017
  • eBay Marketplace – June 2017
  • Magento 2.0 – May 2017
  • Bigcommerce – June 2017

We are expecting to offically release Linked Retail Cloud in February 2017.

Ongoing support and development will continue with Linked Retail’s current version of LRSynch and Web Info integrations for the foreseeable future. Upgrading to Linked Retail Cloud from the current version is not a requirement to continue using Linked Retail’s integration but is recommended for clients that want to take advantage of any of the new functionality Linked Retail Cloud offers.

For more information about how Linked Retail Cloud can benefit your online business, or to find out more about our online services, send us a message

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