As a business owner, you inevitably have concerns about how to keep your business afloat, especially as the Retail and E-commerce industries fluctuate. Whether it is having enough inventory, having stellar customer service, or making sure that your marketing efforts are reaching enough people and bringing in more customers. What if there was a way to take care of at least one of those worries, without a lot of effort?

These are just a few ways SEO can help your business thrive.


First and foremost: SEO leads to more clients

Visibility of your website through search engine results. Increased traffic? Yes, please! The more eyes your website reaches means the more potential customers you could have.


SEO makes other businesses notice you.

You can not only get referrals from customers but from fellow businesses as well! Having your business name in lights is the dream right? It puts your name higher in the ranks online. Other businesses in the same industry will take notice once they see the influx of traffic. Which actually leads me to my next point…


SEO strengthens your notoriety as a business.

Everyone clicks on the first few companies that come up in the search. Yes, I know your secret. You’re not alone though. Typically, customers go with the first companies they find, simply because it was easier to find. Not to mention, the businesses at the top just seem more reputable. It improves your chances of being seen by customers in the line up by putting your business at the top of the page. This increases your chance of coming across to the users or customers who need/want your services and products. Being at the top does sound a lot like you achieving that dream of having your name in “lights”.


SEO also promotes word of mouth marketing.

For when customers can’t remember the name of your business, all they have to do is type in keywords and VOILÀ! You have a new customer.


SEO shows you care about your business and customers.

Whether you have a storefront or just an online store, making it easy to find your website and products shows you care. Customers will feel more comfortable using your easy-to-navigate website, rather than your competitors sites. Who doesn’t love finding what they need quickly and then getting on with their day?! That busy customer will thank you for making it so simple and then recommend you to their also busy friends/coworkers. Building loyalty is key!


Now that you know a little more about SEO, let’s go just a bit deeper.

There are 2 types of SEO searches: Local SEO and Organic SEO.

You might be wondering “what’s the difference?”  It’s simple. It’s all about the search.

Local has a geographical component. Customer types “industry + location” and the search engine keeps it local. Even without typing in the location the search engine tries to keep it as local as possible for the searcher. If you have a brick and mortar store/storefront, ranking higher in the Local SEO is ideal. With Organic, search decides there is no local intent and that you, the searchers, are looking for information, not a location. Organic is ideal for companies that are strictly online. See, I told you it was nothing crazy.

You spend time, money, and effort trying to make your business the best it can be. Wouldn’t it be nice to be reimbursed for that? With SEO putting your name out into the world anytime your services are researched, your business will spread like wildfire. More traffic, more revenue. Law of averages, my friends!

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